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The Queensland Rose Society Incorporated
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 Welcome to Our Website

To All Our Valued Members & Visitors. Hope To See All Of You At Our New Venue for Minor Shows On April 14 - 2nd Wednesday - At Church Hall 459 Annerley Rd, Annerley Junction -- opposite Annerley Junction Hotel. We hope to have the Library operating very soon. We have a new Librarian, Leanne Taylor (Our Secretary, David's wife) and have found the new venue is very suitable for our operations & with ample off-street parking. Doors Open At 7pm. Happy Rose Growing.

Tony Stallwood: President QRS Inc.

Our display at recent ABC Garden Show

The Queensland Rose Society is a non-profit organisation that encourages rose lovers to become better rose growers - by the coming together of ideas from all the members from senior growers to beginners.  Whether it be for personal pleasure, or the thrill of showing their roses to each other and the public, at Special Show Events - throughout the year!


If you listen to the experts, practise good planning and care, rose blooms will flourish on your bushes. One of the best ways to improve your rose knowledge, is to join a Rose Society!

This web site was created by Robert M. Fortin on the 13 - 4 - 02. The site has been upgraded and maintained by Bill Allen A.R.A. since Feb 2004.  
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